Live blogging the war, Sword of the Stars

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing a long form game of Sword of the Stars with A cluster of others from Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s forum who went on to create a steam community group Rock, Paper, Shotgun of the Stars. Its going to be a long time before we finish the game due to scheduling issues but this allows for lots of time to scheme and plot. Some others are also blogging this game, so if you follow one I suggest you follow the others for more insights, I started over at the Rock, Paper, Shotgun forums but just for practises sake and to encourage myself to employ some quality control I will mirror any post I make their here from now on.

What I think  is the main distinction of the write up was to expose my thoughts process for playing this space strategy game made by Kerberos (which was recently sequeled) to the other players of the game to help them understand what is potentially an incredibly complicated game better. Essentially, I’m probably going to lose because of the write up telling everyone my intentions in a game where knowledge is power, but on the bright side I get to smack talk and tease about my super weapon on a public platform.

I am currently up to turn 75 of possibly infinite and the game is getting more complicated and more things are happening every turn, I will be posting screenshots and YouTube videoes of my exploits.

This battle was a horrible mess

Like this

And this, in HD no less

Hopefully Playing teacher will lead to a fulfilling experience for us all.

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  1. Love it 🙂


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