The Tuna grill – Sword of the Stars DAR

DAR is During action report, it's wrong I know

I am helpful. In this match I have been[guiding/shouting/harassing](delete as appropriate) the whole match, when my enemy leaves his safety on, i tell him,when an enemy stands still while I pelt him with missiles I help. Even this write-up is barefaced help, nothing told here will surprise my opponents when seen in the field. Sometimes I am too helpful.

Too helpful

The trip to my planet would take 5 turns, while I knew the Sorbicol’s Liir invasion fleet could turn back (a skill humans lack) them being just below half way was as good of a time as any to deploy my colonisers on the planet me enemy just left ‘the gate'(so named in an earlier session because of it being a critical choke point in my node pathways). I don’t know if it was that, or if it was the prompt I gave Sorbicol to “check his scanners” but Sorbicol turned back, the planet he was initially charging at had an asteroid monitor friendly to me and it seemed cheap of me to allow Sorbs lack of strategic paranoia to cause him harm when the game was clearly making the monitors existence known to him since he had bumped into the then neutral monitor in the early scouting period of the game.

So just less than half way on his 5 turn trek to the monitor he turned back to the gate, leaving my warfleet at the monitor and returning to my defenceless new founded colony. Of course, as a human I am the caffeine fueled rocket jockey of the galaxy and the trip that would take Sorb 5 turns takes me just one turn, we will battle yet.

Cook using the right implements

You start SotS with 3 guns. Red laser, gauss rifle and missile.

Weapon cons pros
Red Laser Weak, can be reflected Can shoot missiles, can target turrets effectively
Missile Weakest DPS, can be shot down, requires medium slot or larger Perfectly accurate, massive range, research upgrades augment performance on older ships
Gauss Cannon Weak, bounces off armour, short-range Er? nope

Okay, I might be over stating it, gauss cannons do have double the theoretical DPS (damage per second) of the red laser, but their accuracy range and the small size of destroyers early on is such that they are the lame duck of the group, indeed if I have red lasers and my opponent has gauss I would be able to easily able to determine the range of engagement beyond their favour even if I was a slower race. This leaves missiles and red lasers, early on they are yin and yang one is your first brawling weapon capable of 5 DPS (laser) the other only 1.3(missile) damage per second.

I mention this because as my cruiser Fleet arrives at ‘the gate’ with only red lasers and un-augmented missiles and my opponent (since he allowed me to show a battle I may as well mention) has UV Lasers that have 10 damage per second. I packed a missile heavy fleet hoping to be evasive tactically.

Cruisers are big ol’ boys but I know I’m in for a rough ride with such pathetic firepower, but I have one thing in my favour a cruiser Strikeforce Command ship, yes I should have spent that research on a big gun like mass drivers or something but I was not expecting AI to lock me into a research earlier on, and it seemed a waste to not finish what it had started.

With my Strikeforce CnC I have 36 command points, 6 are taken up by the command cruiser itself leaving enough for 5 more cruisers or 15 destroyers to be fielded simultaneously, I’m planning on winning this fight with raw missile firepower and kill them without them even getting to lay a fist on me, a human hammer-head, armour cruiser is brimming with medium slots what could go wrong?

If he had pressed on to the monitor planet my monitor would have helped and my secret weapon Icarus was scheduled to intercept him and all would have been different.

The Barbeque

Okay boys and girls, who can point out the specific moment when my entire plan turned to a joke?

  • Moving in close with missiles
  • Relying on visibility for missiles and him denying it with asteroids
  • Fighting a Point defence heavy enemy with missiles
  • Fighting over node markers that blind me but he cant even see?
  • Letting my (thank god with a spare) command ship get killed

Yes, I won that game simply because I can to the BBQ with more meat, yes Sorb “sneaking” a command ship into my reinforcement fleet’s face was fortuitous but really, the battle cost me dearly. Losses 5 cruisers to 8 destroyers (a bad turnout for me).

The second round was much less costly for me, losing no ships and killing 7 I had learned some of my lessons and losing some of his mainline ships, command and point defence cost him dearly, sadly due to HDD issues I didn’t manage to record that but by the third and final round I had deleted a few things and had space. It should be noted that during this second round he actually did more damage than I did, it’s just the cruisers were thicker steaks and you shouldnt eat the meat if its red in the middle.

The Barbeque 2 – Coals are hot, do not touch

Notice at 40 and 1:12 seconds all of my missiles commit seppuku when their target falls into the shadow of the asteroid. At 2:06, 2:38, 3:11 I targeted a reinforcement because all of the close combatants were asteroid shadowed, I need to stop fighting near asteroids.

Losing 4 destroyers to the 12 is as clear indication as any of the raw power of command and control. Him being down to 11 warships and a tanker but lacking any sort of CnC meant he was limited to 6 destroyers at a time, I still had my remaining Cruiser CnC ship and was able to field triple the meat he could. Still, AGAIN Sorbicol punched above his weight in terms of damage and I only marginally out damaged him in even that third round, UV lasers really are badass.

Just as his last ship died “Icarus” arrived, the bad timing was frustrating but at least it’s still going to be a surprise.

Kamikaze scout fleet

I pushed an out of date fleet and some tankers past Sorb’s colony to get a better look at the galaxy, its going well.

A Ms paint drawn map of my current world view

My God space is fierce! My little corner of the galaxy has seen me only fighting on one front but it seems clear that a good number of other players are up in each others grill. I meet a few players for the first time which opens up the potential future for politics, I spot a very suitable ally (hazard rating reasons) and some space bees.

The Space Bees aka the swarm are bad news, they move from planet to planet hoovering up resources and fighting you, but they are not really my problem so far away, but its a reminder that even if no other player is paying me any mind I might still need to shore up my back line defences.

The galaxy can wait

Trapped in my little box by Sorbicol he is probably going to treat me with the care a cornered rat deserves and try to squash me, but finally I have Icarus, the gate is under my control and I can afford to push my entire economy into this endeavour, can he say the same? Because you don’t corner a rat and expect to get off lightly.

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  1. Great stuff! 🙂

  2. I need more commenters. :p

  3. Bring forth more. My manservant awaits with moistened eyes.

  4. tikey

     /  November 22, 2011

    Gauss Cannons are awesome. You can send ships spinning around. Not much help against liir though

  5. oatish

     /  November 26, 2011

    Found my way from RPS – thank you for explaining some of this so my brain doesn’t have to figure it out.

  6. I enjoyed reading this. Please write more.

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