Node rage -Sword of the Stars DAR

It took losing a game of Bloodbowl but human error to trigger its symptoms, but I think I might have Node rage.

Human travel in Sword of the Stars depends on map set pathways that no other race is even aware of, much less victim to, but these have been particularly unkind to me in this game.

I started to feel the prickles of Node rage about turn 25 when I first realised I was in fact Schroedinger Solforce*, I rushed fusion understanding that the next door would open, and it did to one world after another of single nodes, then I got 2. My heart lightened, I had found my beachhead, but both of the 2 lead to one world after 1 hop….. *RAGE SIMMERS*

It wasn’t until I met the Liir that full Node rage kicked in, I patiently applied my resources to technology knowing that any lost ground would be crippling. Sword of the Stars employs a chart, you know your own position in scales such as technology (points researched), planets owned, income and industry. Slowly I slid into 5th in them all. Unable to reach any worth while planets, unable to effectively invade, unable to defend my boarders, I am left whether to carry on with a whimper or to fold.

I realise a game isn’t fun just because you are winning, or just because you might eventually win, but there comes a time when even ‘Deep Blue’ will lie down his own king because its game over, and I am no Deep Blue.

So, do I just sweat it out, or rather enjoy what I can do in this game. It’s quite an alien feeling, wanted to plod towards eventual defeat because it feels like the right thing to do, I joined this game with these 4 people and they no more chose my fate than I did.

*Mankind in a box, dead or not, no-one knows

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  1. I vote you carry on. I’ve been enjoying these so far, winning or no!

  2. Send an intrepid team of colonizers across the void to another star. I usually find that the rest of the galaxy can be remarkably node-friendly if you start in a node-poor region.


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