Soldier in Focus Riccardo Lazzaro


Non of the Soldiers really deserve that much attention yet, much less Riccardo who while press useful is far from my premier soldier, but I’m testing out a concept and being able to make a Soldier wear 2 sets of night vision goggles (one on the forehead, one on the face) was too beautiful to resist.


I desperately want to dress Riccardo in black with black trim, but the quad-goggled sword wielding Italian Ranger isn’t allowed (just doesn’t feel right) to have personalised coloured armour until he gets promoted some more. But, he was allowed to bring an extra pair of night vision goggles and a ski-mask. I’ve assigned him to the squad Ghost who is about getting in and out without making too much noise, he essentially is the whole squad except for a few rookies and maybe a specialist who might tag along. Using the SMG for mobility he’s probably going to die horribly because I’m brutally lacking in firepower, but he actually has a fairly good chance to be the one guy who gets away with the Phantom skill as long as he lets others draw some attention.

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