The Dark Soul of Snake Pass 


Anyone else picked up Snake Pass? I want to air a theory, but maybe it’s just isolated thinking having an unnatural ending point. I believe that it has a natural kinship with Dark Souls.

It shows instead of telling, environments are layered and often defy your first reading, structures are vaguely religious (this time Aztec rather than Gothic) failure is punished by sending you back quite far, mastery and careful management of objectives is a clear priority and most of all, the game rewards taking shortcuts, the very ‘cheating’ so many games would defy is written into the architecture.


High ground often offer both insight and opportunity to leap over challenges altogether.

Oh sure, I’ve yet to be invaded in Snake Pass, I’ve not been parry riposted by a Silver Knight and the levels are cut up into chunks and portals rather than a single flowing existence, but I still feel it.

Maybe it’s that Snake Pass is the first game since a Dark Souls to have me genuinely flail and panic, your moveset is in both that of a marionette.

In Snake Pass, and I say this finding it exhausting in a very good way, I find it a perfect short meal. I recall binging on other climbing game  Grow Home, finishing it the very first time I reached the Starplant, I went though the climb in one sitting, collecting 95% of the junk they third time I played it.

But Snake Pass demands more from you, I read through all of the negative reviews on Steam before buying it and I feel like most of them I could sit down and talk through to them what they were doing wrong, but that’s being unfair. Just like fellow kinematic puzzler Antichamber Snake Pass will let you tear your own way occasionally, but it genuinely has choke points you need competence for, places you can’t read a guide for and be handed victory, that’s another thing it shares with Dark Souls I guess.

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