Soldier in Focus Riccardo Lazzaro


Non of the Soldiers really deserve that much attention yet, much less Riccardo who while press useful is far from my premier soldier, but I’m testing out a concept and being able to make a Soldier wear 2 sets of night vision goggles (one on the forehead, one on the face) was too beautiful to resist.



XCOM 2 Even Longer War


XCOM/X-COM is a series with high stakes narratively, but I always found that it took a degree of dedication to really feel the fear that a good solid failure presented. The ‘Quickload’, ‘Restart Mission’ and even ‘New Game’ buttons are never far away. You also get sluggish and lazy after playing 5 missions in a row on a free evening, the stakes seem to diminish, you are not the saviour of mankind, you are a tired, old, and have stopped caring a little about the details.


Node rage -Sword of the Stars DAR

It took losing a game of Bloodbowl but human error to trigger its symptoms, but I think I might have Node rage.


Divisions of Death – Gridiron Maidens


Taxederm and sons (all deceased) are Undead investment bankers, in looking to improve the synergistism, leadership/teamwork and out of the box thinking of their staff by undertaking team building exercises. Blood bowl was chosen at random out of a live humans stomach, most were disappointed it wasn’t “Producivity simulations” (gathering human infants to be devoured by the ghouls and leaving their skeletons to develop scale models for small scale simulations of market dynamics), but reactions soon changed when ‘C.E.O John Dowling’ (deceased) suggested that this could be used to forward their other interest, a strong portfolio in funeral and medical services.


The Tuna grill – Sword of the Stars DAR

DAR is During action report, it's wrong I know

I am helpful. In this match I have been[guiding/shouting/harassing](delete as appropriate) the whole match, when my enemy leaves his safety on, i tell him,when an enemy stands still while I pelt him with missiles I help. Even this write-up is barefaced help, nothing told here will surprise my opponents when seen in the field. Sometimes I am too helpful.


A Cartography game, with horror themes

I’m sorry Tale of Tales, its not my fault.

I am apologising because a while ago the humble bundle gave me Trauma on the top of a bundle and my fiancée was drawn in by its strangeness and photography as a replacement for graphics, mixing the real and the unreal. She had no experience with adventure games, but this game handled more like Google maps street view than anything Lucas Arts ever put out. The feeling we both came away from this was that it was ultimately a horror game, just one with no monster closets. She asked me what we had like this, I had to think.

The Path, it was the perfect mix of casual game play and dark themes. Tale of tales, I didn’t know what would happen, we had this problem before but I figured we had managed to move on, we didn’t talk about it any more.


Live blogging the war, Sword of the Stars

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing a long form game of Sword of the Stars with A cluster of others from Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s forum who went on to create a steam community group Rock, Paper, Shotgun of the Stars. Its going to be a long time before we finish the game due to scheduling issues but this allows for lots of time to scheme and plot. Some others are also blogging this game, so if you follow one I suggest you follow the others for more insights, I started over at the Rock, Paper, Shotgun forums but just for practises sake and to encourage myself to employ some quality control I will mirror any post I make their here from now on.

What I think  is the main distinction of the write up was to expose my thoughts process for playing this space strategy game made by Kerberos (which was recently sequeled) to the other players of the game to help them understand what is potentially an incredibly complicated game better. Essentially, I’m probably going to lose because of the write up telling everyone my intentions in a game where knowledge is power, but on the bright side I get to smack talk and tease about my super weapon on a public platform.

I am currently up to turn 75 of possibly infinite and the game is getting more complicated and more things are happening every turn, I will be posting screenshots and YouTube videoes of my exploits.

This battle was a horrible mess

Like this

And this, in HD no less

Hopefully Playing teacher will lead to a fulfilling experience for us all.