The Philosophers’ last stand: A treatise on Imhotep

A guest excerpt from the DoD Bloodbowl Discord channel by Shuriben.

And with a double skull, the end began. It was turn 1 against Chainsaw’s Imhoteps. Hack was on the field. A very short kick, near the left side-line, forced Rawls to pick it up. An awkward ball carrier, but blodger nonetheless, who quickly retreated back field. A guardian fell, and Kierkegaard dubskulled. Soon enough, Hanna Arendt was KOed, quickly followed by Kierkegaard who met a chainsaw while he was contemplating the extent of his sadness on the grass. The guardians formed a diagonal, and then a semi-circle, forcing the philosophers on the right side.



The Dark Soul of Snake Pass 


Anyone else picked up Snake Pass? I want to air a theory, but maybe it’s just isolated thinking having an unnatural ending point. I believe that it has a natural kinship with Dark Souls.