All the popular kids are doing it

This is a games blog with a focus on playing games in a way other than initially intended by the developers,whether  laughing it up or taking it serious. Its written purely from a gamers point of view and for a gamers consumption, unashamedly the core focus will be PC gaming because no other platform allows so much deconstruction of the intent of a game, whether by way of mods, 3rd party applications or simply editing a file. But also because of how inherent the nature of PC gaming’s history is also its present, a game 12 years old that allows something unique is stood alongside the latest hotness in terms of availability because of digital stores, thus many more valid targets for contamination.

Articles here will break down broadly into 3 categories

  • Plays – Whether written by myself, outsourced, or ideally by collaboration a set of hopefully new and ideally interesting experiences can be presented which might suggest how you too can push out-of-bounds with your games, or maybe just laugh at us trying.
  • Praise – This isn’t a reviews site, hell it’s not even a game criticism site. I’m only going to mention a game here if I genuinely have a passion for it, and as an exercise in focus, only if it offers opportunities to step up to the plate and alter the meal*.
  • Phase – Okay, I’m straining the word for some alliteration but I’m referring to ‘2. a stage in a process of change or development’**. These articles will be very much how to guides in turning game X into game Y, maybe I’ll Offer up save files or mod links but the intention is to allow a degree of freedom to tune those changes to your tastes.
As this is very much a work in progress who knows how far I will veer from this manifesto but if you care to read along you’ll see my slow descent into blogging about what I had for lunch, probably.
This site is currently written solely by myself Aaron Reynolds generally going by Heliocentric on games sites I’ve frequented, of which the main presence has been on which I unreservedly suggest you use for your day-to-day slightly indie, moderately British and almost entirely PC gaming news or maybe for your mainstream without ‘being over eager to accept the expected with a smile’ or if you are looking for savings on games (UK, european) or (USA).
*the meal is a game, it’s an analogy, ‘kay?